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We will respect ourselves, our classroom, and others at all times!

Our classroom behavior plan is designed to provide a successful, safe, structured learning environment where each student is held accountable for his/her behavior. This plan allows the students to learn to work as individuals as well as valuable classroom community members.  There are rewards and consequences for individual and group behavior.

Golden Rule

 Never interfere with the learning of another student.

Class Motto/Promise

We are the students of Mrs. Ashley’s responsible class.  We are a community of learners.  We will show compassion, respect and kindness to others.  When we care about each other and our classroom, we share what we have, listen carefully, help each other learn, encourage each other to work at the best of our ability, and we have fun learning together. 

Each day we will be self-managers and follow the rules and procedures because they help us to become successful learners.  When someone is talking, we will listen.  While people are working, we will be quiet.    We will always live by the 7 expectations. 

We will help one another whenever possible.

We will recognize every effort and applaud it.

We will encourage each other to do our best.

We will not laugh at others mistakes nor use sarcasm or put downs.

We will value one another as special and unique individuals.

We will use good manners.

We will cheer each others success!


Caught Being Great!!!

This is an individual reward which promotes outstanding behavior.  A student will earn “Caught Being Great Tickets” throughout the school year. Here are some ways to earn tickets:

 Going out of your way to be kind or helpful.

Getting a compliment from another teacher or administrator.

Showing leadership to the class.

Being a self-manager all week.



Every night a communication folder must be signed by a parent or guardian, so that they can monitor your classroom behavior and self-management skills.

Missing or incomplete assignments will result in the communication folder being signed.  The work must be made up during the day to receive the appropriate credit.  If a student receives 3 signatures in a 9 week period, a conference between the teacher and parents will be scheduled to outline a plan for success.

Every student will be given a chance to correct poor behavior immediately.  If the student continues to make poor choices,  his/her red folder will be signed in dicating the poor choice(s) made during class.  If a student receives 3 signatures in a 9 week period, a conference between the teacher and parents will be scheduled to determine a behavior modification plan that will lead to a student's success.